You know you should be looking at your Key Performance Indicators.

It can take between 4-6 hours a month at a time using a spreadsheet.

With iKizmet we bring all your MINDBODY data to one place, in easy to read predictive charts

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What could you do with 6 hours a month?

MINDBODY clients that are using data to improve their business

Imagine knowing which offers perform the best,

when people are likely to cancel,

and how much a new client is worth

Add some more descriptive content here to describe your product or service. What your offer is and how you can improve your potential customers daily experience. This could also be an explanation of the details of your offer if you are running a specific promotion.

Customized Dashboard

Your dashboard will give you a glance of how your studio is performing, that updates daily.

Active Memberships

You can see how many starting members you have, how many are new, how many are no longer active and your net members.

Capacity Per Class

See how classes are doing by day, and time, and show the teachers their performance. 

You can visualize and show the teachers their performance  over time. That has helped a lot. We use it as a motivational tool.

Marshall Evans of Cat Tilt Studio

iKizmet has been a HUGE help to our business simply because it has saved us SO much time. The reports that are generated are so simple, and allow us to see real time, accurate data quickly.

Breanna Burgess of Atherial Fitness

Stay current with your customers' needs before your competitor does.

Whatever you need, iKizmet can help. Talk to our data experts.

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Add color to your MINDBODY Data

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